Like other college students, my day to day life is commanded by a schedule that I thought would be useful when I had made it but am now regretting. Wait, that’s just me? Oh, right.

Recently my weeks have played over and over in a cycle that I must eloquently describe as ass rape. Four classes on Monday and Thursday, and one 3 hour class on Wednesday. But before you think, “What’s he complaining about? He has two whole days to sit back, catch up on American Horror Story, cook some real food, SLEEP,” let me explain.

This fool thought it would be a great idea to squeeze yet another internship in the nooks and crannies, thereby plugging up virtually all of my time in the week; though I have to say, working with TV celebrity chefs is definitely the most fun one I’ve had to date. And you know ain’t no shit getting done on the weekends. So, the result of my genius planning is a predictable headache that arrives like clockwork at around 5pm Mondays and Thursdays, tired Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

The only time I can unwind is when I take refuge from the madness of the city back on Long Island during the weekends. Then the 8:01am train Monday comes along and I briefly hate every waking second of existence until something happens that I can talk about, like seeing someone I know on the train, or sleepily watching the rest of Long Island roll by in a clear morning blur.

But no one wants to hear rambling, unfortunately.

About antwonebex

Typical Long Islander doing the city school thing. I cook, complain, and try to make a habit out of sharing the ridiculous events of my daily life.
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