People Are Weird

We all know this. Some of us complain about it but, in reality, people like being weird. In a sea of people who always want to look up, there’s always someone who wants to look down. We wear our quirks on our sleeve because we want you to know what makes us not like you. We even try to justify the act of going against the grain.

Like, you just prefer drinking tonic water straight because you always have; and no, actually, you don’t mind the phlegm it builds up in the back of your throat. You only really play Super Smash Bros on the Wii because that shit is too complicated to play anything else. Your method of choice for not paying attention in chem class is writing down the lines to your favorite opera on your notes; and if someone notices, you’ll tell them exactly what it is. You only order green tea frappuccinos at Starbucks and you would never, ever, waste your money in that hipster landfill on anything but. You didn’t ever need to get used to the taste of coffee, you’ve just always liked it. In fact, you relish in the fact that you’ve been enjoying coffee since you got off the bottle. Baby bottle that is. You’d rather stay in on this Friday night than go out, because the whole world is out tonight and you prefer the quiet and comfort of the four walls and a good playlist.

Sometimes we don’t even want to bother justifying it, because we like the feeling of knowing that other people disagree with us on matters of taste. It’s that little “I’m better than you” moment that everyone feels jus a teeny weeny bit when their opinion differs from the crowd. This is why it’s so unbearable when we find out that someone we hate likes the same thing as us.

“Ugh, that pretentious ass likes Billy Joel too? I bet he doesn’t know all the lyrics to Scenes from an Italian Restaurant… fuck.”

“Wait, is that kid talking about Chelsea Lately? But he’s annoying, he can’t think she’s funny.”

We’ve all been there. Sharing the things that we like to call our own with people who we consider unworthy sometimes sucks. Everyone’s had that guilty pleasure of laying claim to something that you think only you know about. This is why it’s great when we meet people who we perceive are just our speed and then find out they like the same things. That’s what you call friendship. Each of us works like a different blood type. When we find people who are just as weird as us, but the same brand of weird, we let them in; thus creating a group of people who are a certain type of acceptable weird, looking out at the world and observing the other types of weird that are rather too weird to let in. This doesn’t make you a bad person. You’re smart for putting up this filter. Otherwise, you’ll let everyone in, undoubtedly lose yourself in the process, and end up hating yourself and everyone around you.

Am I right?

About antwonebex

Typical Long Islander doing the city school thing. I cook, complain, and try to make a habit out of sharing the ridiculous events of my daily life.
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