5 of the Worst Things That People Do

Over the past couple of days I have been negatively affected by an increased amount of stress that comes naturally with the nearing end of a semester, but also by the typical toxic runoff from the human race. Here are five things I’ve noticed that we do of which I’ve decided only the rack is justice.

  1. React to situations purely on emotion.                                       When life decides to throw a huge pile of steaming shit on your face, please don’t lash out at the first person standing next to you. It’s no one’s fault that there’s now a pile of shit on your face, so swallow your anger and wipe it off with dignity. Unless someone purposely intends to make you feel hurt, no one else is responsible for your emotions but yourself, so keep them in check. I don’t care that you may be seething with feelings of rage, if shit just happens (and it does a lot), direct your energy toward the universe. It can take it. 
  2. Live their lives with an “I don’t like drama” attitude                      News flash: this is Earth and drama exists and you’re no exception. If someone tells you he or she doesn’t like drama, take it as a sign that they do in fact bathe in drama on the daily. You verbalizing your inability to cope with a naturally occurring part of life is something I need like a hole in a boat. People create drama all the time just by being in contact with other people. It’s not really something you can avoid. And that also doesn’t make it a bad thing. We need conflict in our lives so that we know how to overcome it, just like how we need the poison to make the antibodies. Running away from a problem never solved it.
  3. Putting other people on an untouchable pedestal                           We’re all human. That person who you think can do no wrong has flaws whether you want to acknowledge them or not. It’s totally fine to make role models out of people whose methods of dealing with life are as close to universally applicable as possible – and you’ll only really find a few of these golden people – but remember that this person has flaws too. I know, it sucks when we find out that people we admire are not actually gods, but it happens.
  4. Live in frames of ultimatums                                                                Life is NOT black and white. It just isn’t. More people need to start understanding the meaning of “it depends,” because, you know, it just fucking depends sometimes. This is probably the most ridiculous as well as annoying thing that I’ve seen people do. Despite how much control we like to think we have over our lives, no one is in complete command. Solution: be understanding of other people and the shit that happens to everyone – which brings be to number five.
  5. When people are incapable of sympathy                                              This is probably one of the most important abilities to have in a world run by people. Without sympathy, everyone’s fucked and mercy doesn’t exist. People should be understanding of the plight, the hardship, and the means by which other people live every day. Sympathy is so simple and all it requires is communication. Empathy would be best, but that requires the same experience as someone else. One of the most saddening things about us is that we aren’t, can’t, and won’t ever really be able to completely understand the thoughts, actions, and mind of another human being. Miscommunication is probably the root of all the evil that we inflict on each other. You need to be receptive to people’s troubles, never dismiss something that’s important to someone else, swallow your pride and try to digest another person’s pain.

Yeah, we can really suck. I’ve also found that the reason why they just don’t get it is usually because they choose not to, which is probably the worst part of it all. But I’m looking forward to all the good that humanity finds itself able to carry out during the holidays. The other day I was crossing the street and the light was about to turn to let the cars go. It was really crowded and this little old lady was pacing slowly through the throngs of people in the middle of the street, and I found myself walking a little slower behind her to make sure that if anything happened to her, someone was there. I just felt like I was the only person who even acknowledged her efforts to cross the street, and that made me feel so bad. But before I delve into the sadness that is watching old people, I’m going to cap this post by saying be fucking nice. And if you’re the one whose life is something to be recognized as an endeavor in itself, the right people will acknowledge that. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll treat you the way you deserve.

About antwonebex

Typical Long Islander doing the city school thing. I cook, complain, and try to make a habit out of sharing the ridiculous events of my daily life.
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